Contagious Creativity!

Everyday we are creative in the choices that we make. We decide what to wear, how to decorate our homes, what colour we would like our car and even what route we take if stuck in traffic. We are all so creative every day, however we often hear adults lament how uncreative they feel that they are. They have lost their belief and their very own essence of creative thinking, this has been happening for years and we must protect our little people from growing up with a lack of believe in their own creative spirit.

Anyone can be anything or grow to go anywhere in the world, it may involve a lot of challenging work, a passion to succeed and at times some luck but it can be done. We are living in a world of perfection and completion, getting everything finished and onto the next task. We do not want this ethos to be part of our little people’s world. They need the time and space to think, digest, change plans, work it out, try things out, display their own likes and dislikes and to be who they are. We do not need our children to be engaged in pre-prescribed projects with a very narrow beginning and end, but to celebrate the broadness of their thoughts and provide them with the tools to create, re-create and develop creatively in areas beyond that of pictures and dance.

We need to give no fear of doing it the wrong way as there is not a right way, right ways are ways which adults have decided because it works for their own mindset but not necessarily the mindset of the amazing, unique little person who is engaged in their play. Let’s stop taking children from their play to complete worthless tasks and celebrate the research they are carrying out for themselves.

Can we make creativity contagious?

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