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The Magic of Being ‘Bored’

The word ‘bored’ does not feature within an early years child’s vocabulary, it comes later and is often planted by older children and adults who can be heard using it in phrases such as “Are you bored?”, “Sorry, you are bored aren’t you?” and “This is so boring”. Boredom for adults is often something to […]

Making Connections.

Debbie Gunn, the founder of D-Dee’s, which won both the Individual Nursery and Nursery Team categories in the NMT Nursery Awards 2017, explains why partnerships with parents and staff are fundamental.

Contagious Creativity!

Everyday we are creative in the choices that we make. We decide what to wear, how to decorate our homes, what colour we would like our car and even what route we take if stuck in traffic. We are all so creative every day, however we often hear adults lament how uncreative they feel that […]

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